Bike Auckland

Bike Auckland is a not-for-profit member driven organisation, made up of professionals and amateurs, hipsters and commuters, triathletes, sprinters, roadies, BMX riders, mountain bikers, parents, kids, friends, families – and combinations of all of those. We are you.

We work together to make Auckland a world-class city for – and through – people on bikes. How?

On a practical level, the Bike Auckland team consults and advocates with Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and NZTA for an improved cycling environment in Auckland. We do this collaboratively, actively – and relentlessly.

It starts at the top, working with local and national Government to allocate sufficient budgets to implement vital cycling infrastructure and create a climate of care on our roads.

While these budgets are being allocated, we work on your behalf to encourage planners and engineers to consider and cater for the needs of all cyclists in roading and transport decisions.

We are seen as a key stakeholder in roading, sustainable transport, health and related areas. We even work to bring together internal departments in these organisations to ensure that cycling is considered in the work of all departments who might not have cycling at the top of their agenda, but who can help by integrating it into their plans.

Beyond dealing with official bodies, we enthusiastically cooperate with private organisations and individuals whose work or passion relates to cycling. From friends in the health and sporting sectors, to burb-based community organisations, we’ll be there.

Want to help make Auckland better on bikes? Join us and let’s get this city moving!

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Our Vision

A bike gang of one, ready to take not just the lane but the whole of Quay St. We’re working for a better city for people on bikes. But more than that: we believe that more people on bikes makes for a better city. It’s what you might call a virtuous cycle.

  • What does a bike-friendly Auckland look like?
  • All kinds of people on all kinds of bikes
  • All streets are safe and pleasant to ride on
  • A citywide network of top quality bike lanes, smooth off-road cycleways, and greenways through parks
  • Neighbourhoods and town centres celebrate the joy of getting around on bikes – and encourage it by slowing down car traffic for the sake of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Bikes connect us with walking and public transport, and to shops, work and play – and give us one more choice every day of how we get about
  • Bikeshare schemes give us a hop-on, hop-off choice of riding bikes when we need one
  • SkyPath finally joins the dots and lets us cross the harbour under our own steam! (Add in SeaPath, GI to Tamaki, the NW cycleway and other major links and we’re really getting somewhere.)
  • Epic bike events bring us together in big numbers to share the fun.

In a better, more bike-friendly city…

  • You can choose to bike for fun or transport, any day of the week
  • You don’t have to think and plan just to find a safe cycle route
  • Kids enjoy the freedom of biking wherever they want to
  • Workplaces, shops, and schools encourage people to arrive on bikes
  • Everyone who drives keeps an eye out for people on bikes
  • Every time a road is changed, it’s made safer for people on bikes
  • There’s bike parking everywhere you go
  • The question isn’t ‘why bike?’ It’s ‘where, when, how often and with whom’!
  • The mayor shows up to official events on two wheels (or one, or three, we’re not fussy.)
  • E-bikes are an option for where (and when) people feel the need to ‘flatten the hills’
  • From the top down – whether it’s planning by central government, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, or Local Boards – people on bikes are part of the picture from the get-go

This is what we’re working for – and bit by bit, we’re winning. If you share this vision, join us. The more of us there are, the louder our collective voice… the faster we’ll get there. 

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