Anniversary Weekend launch for Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge

This coming Auckland Anniversary Weekend, on Saturday 27 January, Auckland Harbour Bridge will be transformed by the launch of Vector Lights – featuring a ground-breaking renewable energy technology powered light show that will ignite imaginations and demonstrate a smarter way to power our city.

The six minute specially-composed Vector Lights opening show sequence will feature original music and spectacular lighting effects, vividly demonstrating the new lighting capabilities. The show will start at 9.00pm and repeat every half hour until midnight, with an ambient light display in-between. The entire opening show will also be streamed online at

Vector Lights will be programmed for special events throughout the year. In between these events, they will be used to subtly frame the architecture of the Harbour Bridge each night.

Aucklanders and visitors are encouraged to make the most of the many vantage points around the harbour so everyone can see the Waitematā explode with colour and come to light on 27 January.

Vector Lights is part of a wider 10-year smart energy partnership between Vector and Auckland Council, with the Vector Lights project being delivered in collaboration with the NZ Transport Agency.

Mayor Phil Goff is looking forward to the launch, and says, “Lighting up the Harbour Bridge in a creative and exciting way will enhance its iconic nature. It will add vibrancy and interest to Aucklanders and to visitors to our city from around the world.

“Using solar power to generate the energy required for the Vector Lights highlights our commitment as a city to sustainable energy and tackling climate change. With the generosity of Vector in meeting most of the cost, we are gaining an asset for Auckland to make our city a more interesting and vibrant place,” says Mayor Goff.

Vector’s CEO Simon Mackenzie says the light show will reflect Auckland’s position as a future-thinking city.

“Vector Lights will be an evolving showcase of new energy solutions that help illustrate what a more sustainable energy future can look like.

“As a business that is owned by Aucklanders we also feel the responsibility to contribute to our city’s shared future. Vector Lights not only showcases what is possible from an energy perspective, it will contribute to Auckland’s allure as a destination and a modern, future-focused community.”

Having a permanent lighting display on the Auckland Harbour Bridge is a first for the NZ Transport Agency, which manages the bridge infrastructure.

Chief Executive Fergus Gammie says; “The Auckland Harbour Bridge has been an iconic part of Auckland’s landscape for many decades and we are delighted that it will now be a showcase for future sustainable energy solutions.”

Design The Future:

Because of strong interest, the school competition underway to look for some bright young sparks to step up and win the chance to flick the switch on Vector Lights has been extended to Sunday 10 December.

Primary and intermediate school students, Year 3 to Year 8, are invited to put their inventor’s caps on and enter the Design the Future competition. Entries can be drawings, videos or models – anything goes! Read all the instructions, terms and conditions and upload your entry at


- Vector