Dog owner sentenced following attack on son

Media release: Auckland Council

Auckland Council will be reviewing the judge’s findings following today’s sentencing of a man whose pitbull-mastiff cross attacked his four-year-old son, leaving him with horrific injuries to his face and head.

Orlando Shepherd had previously pled guilty to a charge of owning a dog that attacked a person. He was sentenced to 300 hours community work, 12 months supervision and was ordered to pay court costs.

Auckland Council Manager Animal Management Tracey Moore says that this incident serves as a reminder that it is not just roaming dogs that attack people.

“It is important that people are careful around dogs in their own home, especially when children are present,” she says.

“We urge dog owners to do the right thing. Our statistics clearly show that responsible owners who register and de-sex their dogs are much less likely to have dogs that are the cause of nuisance or dog attacks.

“We particularly encourage owners of menacing dogs to get in touch with us to discuss how to handle their dogs,” she says.

Reducing the harm done by dogs continues to be a priority for Auckland Council.

“Last year we ran a highly successful amnesty on menacing dogs, which saw 1,225 previously unregistered dogs registered,” Ms Moore says.

“We are continuing to work hard to reduce animal-related nuisance and harm in Auckland so that the region can be a healthier and safer place for everyone.”

Councillor Linda Cooper, Chair of the Regulatory Committee, says it is highly distressing to hear of tragic incidents, such as this one, that could be avoided.

“The council will continue to work hard to ensure the safety of our children and families,” she says.