Invisible and hidden Illness awareness

In early 2016 a friend of mine, who suffers from pain attacks, came up with the Idea to visualize all sorts of usually hidden, invisible illnesses, via Photography.

As I suffer from depression myself, which forced me to quit my job as a Systems Engineer and made me to make Photography my source of income, and because of my past as an alcohol addict, I could relate to this and started to create this project. Along the way, I found out, quite many people suffer from more or less severe Illnesses, so this project grew even more important to me – and it grew bigger.

I found some Makeup artists, Models and people “just next door” willing to help with this project. We want to express the individual feelings of those people who suffer, by using makeup, lighting, locations and post processing techniques. Trying to visualize their struggles. In addition, for those who wanted, the Images are accompanied by individual stories of the people photographed, to explain what those pictures mean to them.

It turned out to be quite complex behind the scenes, involving a lot of people working in the background, for free, just to push the cause and even as sort of a therapy for themselves. The complexity though makes for slow progress, all has to be done in free time and some post processing is quite extensive.

The initial project was limited to 20 images, and we wanted to get sponsors on board, to get those images printed, exhibited and sold, with the profits going to a charity relating to most of those Illnesses. Such a charity still has to be found.

Plans do change though, so we decided to go online with the first five images and keep it as an ongoing project, aiming to grow by hopefully two new images per month.

We still want to do an exhibition at some point, maybe more, depending on the development and potential sponsors.
There is also a possibility to become part of this project, either to help or to tell one’s own story. There is no age or other restriction. For information, you can just message me through the project page.

So, now enjoy the Photos, please like the page and feel free to share.


Werner Kaffl