Keep your Family Safe - Escape My House

New Zealand Fire Service VR experience - Escape my house.


Well I am glad to say I tried the new VR tool from the New Zealand Fire Service and managed to 'escape my house'.  However, it immediately reminds you to check if everyone managed to get out. This VR app should be applauded it really send you a strong message.  It feels real and the fact it uses clever technology so that when you finally escape your house, you find yourself actually outside your real house the real impact of a fire at home hits you.

In a fire you simply may not have time to get around your house and check everyone is safe.  The website takes you to a planner so you can start to think about how people in your house might be able to escape from any room they find themselves in.  It allows you to talk to your family and help them understand how best to escape your house in the event of a fire.

We are lucky in one sense we have multiple exits on our ground floor, unfortunately we have a second story and if the stairs are too dangerous to get down there are only two easy ways to get outside quickly, then you need to jump a whole floor.  It also may mean someone in an upstairs room may need to break glass to get out onto the roof and then jump down - a scary thought.

Escape my house really helps you think about how much time our really have to get everyone safe.  For me that means teaching all our kids (and adults) the fastest exit and the next best options if that escape route is blocked.

You really have NO TIME to collect things on the way out - in our house the priority will be get everyone out safely and meet outside by our letterbox.  Yes, If my family were not outside I would be yelling and screaming for them to get out of the house, and very tempted to try and find them.  I would feel a lot more safer if I knew they knew the plan.

This really could help save a family member or your life.  I urge you to visit the website escape your house, then build your own family plan.

Extremely well done NZ FIRE SERVICE - good use of VR technology and proactive fire fighting. I salute you.



Tony Cutting -


Outside 57 Kapanui Road (home) - just made it!