Solar-powered bike bringing waterfront news

Auckland Council's new information bike will be out at popular events bringing Aucklanders up to speed on plans for the city centre’s development.

The four-wheeled, solar-powered bike will be rolling up to Auckland Anniversary and Waitangi waterfront celebrations, Silo Park cinema, and the Lantern Festival in a bid to reach as many Aucklanders and regular visitors as possible.

Designers, planners and engineers from Auckland Council will be pedalling the bike and distributing brochures with information about Auckland Council’s AKL Into the Future programme, which aims to make the waterfront a more accessible, vibrant and exciting gateway to the city, and to improve public open spaces in the city centre.

What’s happening in the city centre?
The AKL Into the Future plans include:

reconfiguring the downtown ferry terminal to make it easier for ferries and tour boats to berth
installing a mooring ‘dolphin’ on Queens Wharf that will enable larger cruise ships to visit Auckland, bringing a boost to our economy
upgrading Quay Street to make it better for pedestrians and cyclists
new waterfront infrastructure to help Auckland host the America’s Cup in 2021
better bus access to Britomart along Quay Street. 
Council Chief Operating Officer Dean Kimpton who is leading the regeneration programme says the plans for the area are really exciting.

“These new projects will create better public spaces that enable people to get to the water’s edge and will significantly add to the enjoyment of living in a harbour city. With the extraordinary growth in the city centre currently through increased tourism, new residents and businesses and the hosting of the 36th America’s Cup in 2021, it’s important we continue to invest to make the space safer and easier to get to, and get around in.”

“What better way to showcase what’s happening next than to get out and about on the waterfront and city centre this summer when Aucklanders are experiencing their city at its finest”.


- Auckland Council