Spies Publishing launches The Magic Pencil, the latest new children’s book by young author Ben Spies

Introducing the fantastic new book for children, actually written by a child! Young eleven-year old New Zealand author, Ben Spies, publishes his second fiction title for children

We at Spies Publishing are absolutely thrilled to announce the publication of The Magic Pencil, the eagerly anticipated new children’s novel from young New Zealand author Ben Spies.

The Magic Pencil is eleven-year old Ben’s second fiction title for children. It tells the exhilarating story of London school boy, Bob, who finds a magical pencil one day on his way to school and now his life will never be the same again. Bob, with the help of his friends, must keep the magic pencil away from the clutches of the villainous Fakeys who will stop at nothing to take the pencil from Bob. But will they succeed?

Featuring a cast of memorable characters, such as the Old Man, The Magic Pencil is sure to delight young readers as they are taken along on a breathtaking and hilarious adventure through space and time as past, present and future collide.

Talking about his new book, Ben said “I’m so excited to publish The Magic Pencil. I hope the children reading it enjoy following Bob’s awesome adventure to save the world from the horrible Fakeys as much as I do. It’s my funniest book yet. My favourite part of the book is when Bob travels back in time to ancient Egypt and meets a rather nasty pharaoh.”

Commenting on the new book, Spies Publishing’s Renata Spies (also Ben’s incredibly proud mother) said, “We’re hugely delighted to be publishing this spectacular new book by Ben. The Magic Pencil is a 160-page action packed book full of adventure and fun aimed at children aged 8 to 12. Written from the point of view of a child, Ben has his own unique style of humour and a wild imagination that all his readers will love. You get to see Bob’s world through a child’s eyes and have his story told with an authentic child’s voice.”

It’s been a family joint effort to publish The Magic Pencil. The book’s characters have been brought to life with illustrations from Ben’s father, Robert Spies, who also illustrated Ben’s debut book Weirdo. The Magic Pencil by Ben Spies will be published in paperback by Spies Publishing and is available to purchase at www.spiespublishing.co.nz.



Most eleven-year old boys cannot say that they have published two books. Ben Spies authored his debut book, Weirdo, when he was just nine-years old. Now Ben has written a second book, The Magic Pencil, and has no plans of stopping there.

Ben’s creative streak and flair for storytelling has seen him write two books already, with another on the way, and many more in the works. All before becoming a teenager!

He has a quirky sense of humour that shines through in his writing. Ben’s loves to make his readers laugh, and take them on an adventure with his writing. The true point of difference in Ben’s books is that they are written by a child, for children. Through a child’s eyes and with a child’s voice.

In this digital age, Ben wants to inspire children to read with his books. He also wants other young authors to realise their dreams and write their own stories. If he can do it, so can they.

Because people love the heart-warming story and the authentic child’s voice in Weirdo, it is gaining a lot of attention. Ben has been interviewed by newspapers and magazines, as well as appearing on the radio and visiting local schools to share his stories with other children.

You can learn more about Ben and his books by visiting www.spiespublishing.co.nz



When young author Ben Spies showed a passion and skill for writing at a very young age, his parents Renata and Robert did what great parents do – they encouraged him. Ben’s determination to write didn’t waiver and over time his stories became more interesting and really funny!

His parents were so inspired by his passion for writing and wild imagination that they wanted to keep encouraging his writing and bring these stories into books they could share with other children. So at age 9, Ben’s parents rewarded his writing efforts by publishing his first book Weirdo in 2015, and then in September 2016 Renata and Robert took the plunge and launched Spies Publishing.

They have since compiled a dream team of editors, book designers, illustrators and printers. In December 2016, Weirdo was relaunched and is now available for purchase. Spies Publishing will continue to publish Ben’s books and aims to help other budding young authors to become published also.